I am in love...

with the Seattle Central Library! Not only is this facility architecturally beautiful, but oh, the books! Floors and floors filled with reading material. The third floor even has a "living room" where patrons are encouraged to relax and check out the latest fiction. And what pairs better with a book than a cup of hot coffee? Yes, this library even has a cafe. Could anything be more perfect?
The tenth floor of the library has some spectacular viewpoints. And there is an entire section dedicated to our city; it is appropriately called "The Seattle Room."
The green escalators transport patrons between the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors.
These photos are of the 4th floor, a.k.a. the red floor.
The Seattle Central Library takes up an entire city block; it is located at 1000 4th Avenue (at Madison Street).

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jorge vicente said...

although my country has excellent libraries, the seattle central library seems to be from another planet. fantastic!!!!

best wishes for you
jorge vicente