West Seattle's Treasure... Alki Beach

On the shore of West Seattle sits Alki Beach, a two and a half mile stretch of sand and pebble bordering the Puget Sound.
The cool beach, gentle waves, and crisp air attract families from all over the Seattle area, and are quite popular with seagulls and in the summer months, even seal pups! Alki is a perfect spot for swimming, playing in the surf, or sunning on the beach.Alki Beach offers breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountain Range, as well as sparkling visions of the city and the Space Needle. Along Alki Avenue, beachgoers can find cafes and restaurants in which to take refuge from the day.
Alki Beach is the area of Seattle where the first European-American settlers landed in 1851. Chief Sealth of the Duwamish and Suquamish Tribes served as a mediator between the European settlers and the Native-American inhabitants.
Often a place of recreation where Seattleites choose to cool off in the summer, Alki Beach is open and can be enjoyed year-round. If you are seeking solace, you may want to visit Alki in autumn. Though considerably colder, the area is more peaceful and virtually devoid of crowds.
Alki Beach is accessible via car or public transportation, specifically the 56 and 37 bus.

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