Interlaken Park

Interlaken Park is one of the most understated recreational areas in Seattle. Often overshadowed by the better known Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill, and the expansive Washington Park in the Broadmoor neighborhood, Interlaken Park sits just between these two off of East Galer Street and Interlaken Drive in the northern most part of Capitol Hill.
This park spans more than 50 acres and includes miles of hiking trails and bicycle paths which might challenge even experienced hikers. The trails are steep and wind quite a bit, offering Interlaken's visitors a rigorous workout.
Miniature canyons grace the trails, and towering trees provide shelter from the sun on warm summer days. One of the most remarkable things about Interlaken Park is that save for the faint chirping of small birds, the park is completely and utterly devoid of sound. Visitors can experience the beautiful and absolute quiet of the wilderness at Interlaken, which sits just three miles from busy downtown Seattle.
Interlaken Park is accessible via car or bus routes 12 or 43.

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