Hugo House “Cheap Wine and Poetry” kicks off 2012

If you've never attended one of these Hugo House events, it is worth a shot.  There are no surprises; the title of the event is relatively self-explanatory.  There is an optional donation at the door, but other than that, the evening is exactly what is expected: cheap wine (usually something like the Trader Joe's $3 Buck Chuck) is served while budding poets recite their work.  As for the quality of the poetry, you be the judge; it ranges from would-be Rudyard Kiplings to those that make you want to puncture your eardrums and drown yourself in the $3 Buck Chuck. 
The evening begins at 7pm on Thursday, Jan. 26th, but get there early if you want a seat.  And dress in layers; as I remember, it gets pretty steamy in Hugo House;-)
Event website:
Featured performers:
Greg Bem
Amber Flame
Peter Pereira
Martha Silano

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