Screening of Rick Steves' Iran

Image: @ J. Garofano

Abdi Sami spoke to a packed house at the Ballard Library today following a special screening of Rick Steves' Iran. Sami co-produced the documentary which deals with the culture and people of Iran. Steves, who hosts and produces a long-running travel/culture documentary series entitled Rick Steves' Europe, decided to leave politics out of the mix and get in touch with the human side of Iran. Popular sentiment among the Iranian people, at least those interviewed in the documentary, indicated a fondness for the people of the United States, and an awareness that the conflict which exists is one between governments, not people.

If you weren't able to attend the screening, you can buy Rick Steves' Iran on DVD or catch it on KCTS 9 this Wednesday at 9:00pm.
Image: Rick Steves' Iran


Anonymous said...

I caught this on KCTS, and I found it very interesting - better than Rick's usual stuff actually. I have always been curious about Iran, and it made me want to visit more than ever. A pity I missed the talk you describe though, I would have loved to ask a few questions there.

J.G. said...

Yes, Sami told some interesting stories after the screening. The documentary was really fascinating though. Most of us know so little about the people of Iran.